Friday, July 31, 2009

Taking a Raw Food Break

So in the end my fatigue beat out my pride. Yesterday was day ten of my 3-week adventure into raw foods. Yesterday was also the end of a very long work week culminating in the first call of my 8-week teleseries the Wisdom of Wellness series. And on top of it all I also got the final design on my new website and logo (just below).

So you can imagine that not only was I exhausted by the end of all this but I had spent very little time in the kitchen preparing any new, delicious raw food meals. In fact I hadn't spent much time preparing much of anything. So when I turned to the fridge, tired and I admit, overworked, I had no energy whatsoever for creating a meal.

The decision - I took a break, a raw food break. Honestly, two days later (and with not a whole lot of sleep) I cannot even remember what I ate. But what I saw was how very challenging a raw food diet can be for those who have a tremendous amount on their plate (pun intended). These days, with our fast-paced, busy lives, almost all of us fall into that category.

As someone who works in the field of nutrition, as Super Nutrient Gal, I am always on the lookout for prevents a person from eating and living in ways that support a healthy mind and body. And what I have seen in my brief foray into raw foods is that it is a must, an absolute must (unless of course it isn't for you), to be introduced into raw foods by someone who knows raw foods. And I don't just mean a cookbook. I mean someone who can hold your hand. Who can give you that perfect suggestion when all you see is more lettuce, kale and carrots and not a thing to eat. Someone who has been down the raw food road, forward and backward, lost their way, found it again and is now merrily heading in their intended direction.

My goal with all of this is, amazingly enough, to become that person. I want to study every in and out of this path because quite honestly the longer I am on it (even with my many meanderings), the more convinced I am of its magic.

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