Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Raw food diet challenges

O.K. I admit it. Day 8 was not easy.

Now, granted I have been working very diligently for the last several days to get my 8-week teleseries The Wisdom of Wellness off the ground so my energy level is lower, I believe, than it normally would be. However, and here is the big however, I don't know what to eat!

I've spent so many hours in front of the computer I haven't had the time to peruse all the recipes and come up with exciting new possibilities. As a result, ready to eat, I open the fridge and what do I see? Lots and lots of veggies. Now, I do love veggies but when you really want something soothing and satisfying a carrot just ain't going to cut it - not right now anyway.

So one of the biggest challenges? Snacks - comfort food snacks. Snacks like chips, toast, quesadillas, popcorn - you know, starch. Somehow flax sunflower seed bread just doesn't qualify. So today, somewhat low on energy and looking for that quick fix, proved rather challenging.

If I didn't have this interview with David in two weeks I would have caved today - I admit it. My pride is the only thing keeping me from grabbing that last tortilla, spreading some feta on it and a slab of turkey and frying it up in the pan. Pride. To be able to say to David - in honor of our call, I have been raw the last three weeks. Damn pride.

So now what? I have my kale, garlic, lime, avocado and date smoothie sitting next to me on my bedside. Mmmm - not quite what I had in mind. So what I'm really saying, yet another time, is if you plan on going raw either have loads of time on your hands to really get down and dirty in the kitchen or be prepared to spend a small fortune on the myriad raw food snacks and goodies now available online. Either that or just dip your toe in, have a salad and eat the quesadilla on the side.

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