Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Marinated Portobello Steak

In my enthusiasm (and as a way to support my cookbook buying addiction) I went out and bought "ani's raw food kitchen." I chose this book over all others because of the words, "easy, delectable living foods recipes." Actually it was really just the word "easy." I LOVE to cook but I got a lot of things going on and hours in the kitchen is no longer relaxing. So a raw foods cookbook that looked quick and simple - that was the one for me.

On the way home we stopped at our local coop, picked up a few ingredients and then made this for dinner:

I'm no food photographer so unfortunately the picture doesn't do the meal justice but it was delicious! (and pretty easy too).

This was the first meal I ever made that was intentionally a raw meal. And well...I just had to share it with you. Mmm mmm goood. Even my meat-eating, fluff 'n' nutter loving, pop tart tasting neighbor gave it a thumbs up. Can't beat that.

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