Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Day Two: To be raw or not to be?

My package came today! My first ever package from Elements for Life. It is filled with all sorts of goodies - maca, cacao, marine phytoplankton, blue green algae, even chocolate!

So now the big question - with all of these incredible super foods, do I take the plunge? I mean if I am going to be filling my body with massive amounts of organic vitamins, nutrients, antioxidants, essential fatty acids, minerals and more, does it make sense to add into the mix sugar, cooked meat and whole wheat flour breads? Or should I just go pure and really see what happens? Make my super smoothies, eat my veggie laden salads and just say goodbye to everything else?

I have always recommended slow and steady steps. I believe in the right to indulge. I don't favor deprivation and I don't thrive under strict regulations. And yet, I am so tempted to just jump right in and go for it. I want to know - how will I feel with so many powerful herbs, plants and berries in my body (and no crap to interfere)? Well, tomorrow may be the big day. I had a heavy meal today and all I can say is, uuggghhh. Feeling very full of food and not so full of energy.

Tune in tomorrow and find out what I decided.

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