Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Pizza and raw food

I did an experiment today. After working for about seven straight hours (something I definitely do not recommend to clients) to finish all my preparations for the big day tomorrow and having eaten next to nothing, I was quite hungry when dinner rolled around. And what do you know - we ordered pizza for my kids. Mmm... raw food? pizza? raw food? pizza? Difficult decision. So I opted for the ultimate experiment.

How would my body react to pizza after eight days on almost all raw food? I figured, this was important information. A good way to assess data. Since I have no control group I am both the control and the experimental group. Therefore I must take on the difficult role of doing both.

If all of this sounds like a bunch of b.s. just to have some pizza - well, you are mostly right. I also opted for raw food. I made myself a very healthful green smoothie and between sips noshed on, all said, about 1/2 piece of pizza. I wish I could say it was good pizza but alas such was not my fate. Did I destroy my raw food adventure? Hardly. It's all part of it. It's all good.

If there is one thing I wish to communicate to anyone -whether I work with them or not - it's just that. It's only food. Let's enjoy it.

Next time though, I'm ordering better pizza.

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