Thursday, July 23, 2009

Raw food adventures's only day three and it has already been a rather interesting adventure.

One of the challenges in making raw vegan vanilla pecan ice cream to satisfy a craving is that you can't actually eat it when you want it because it has to freeze first. Didn't really think about that one. The other challenge is not having exactly the right ingredients - like lecithin (the thickening agent used in place of eggs and whatever else thickens ice cream). So I ended up with my treat about ten hours too late and still more like sweet iced milk than frozen cream. Lesson # too many to count - don't use substitutions in a recipe until you know what you are doing.

I love to cook and have cooked for many years but my specialty, up until three days ago, has been food that gets cooked. I can saute, steam and stir-fry until the sun comes home but hand me a blender and a bunch of flax, sesame seeds and some chopped veggies and you'll choose to dine elsewhere.

At least that is what happened after my ice cream enlightenment (when I realized it would have to freeze first). I tried to make some sunflower seed raw burgers and even my husband, who will eat just about anything, passed it up. I say all this to let you know that if you are even considering a raw food diet, learn from my experience. Get a few raw food cooking tips and allow yourself the cooked default (just in case).

Having said all this I have had some victories. I made my children "oatmeal" for breakfast (soaked oat groats, almonds and dates). A little later that day a neighbor came over with her adorable son. Not only did he like the oatmeal (see above picture) he kept asking for more. Nice to have such a satisfied customer!

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