Monday, July 20, 2009

Vitamins and minerals

Yesterday was my birthday so I took a day off of writing in my blog. I skipped birthday cake - couldn't find a cake that wouldn't send me into hyper sugar orbit - but I did stumble upon a nice pint of vegan and soy-free coconut bliss "ice cream." Sprinkled a little bit of cacao nibs on top and had myself a merry little celebration.

Today, interestingly enough, after my morning smoothie (which typically takes me about two hours to "eat"), and a bounteous salad about three hours later, I found myself craving food. Like a burrito or piece of meat or thick slice of bread. Now, it could have been the coconut bliss or the fact that despite having a wonderful birthday my husband and I had some,, disagreements. Whatever it was I let go of eating raw this evening and had myself some tuna and the leftovers from my son's dinner - beans, rice, cheese and sour cream. Don't think any of it even remotely qualifies as raw. But I feel fine and if I don't allow myself a gentle path then I'll abandon the route completely.

What I am going to do, as I mentioned the other day, is take on the 100 day LongevityNOW program. Just waiting for a few herbs and vitamins to arrive and I'm off to the races.

For those who don't know, LongevityNOW is a program created by nutritionist David Wolfe. As a nutritionist myself I am very curious about the material he presents - a program about decalcifying the body in order to create the healthiest, most flexible and youthful body possible.
I don't know about any of this yet but I can say that eating this way feels great.

As soon as I begin the LongevityNOW program I will check back in and keep you up-to-date.

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