Friday, August 21, 2009

Dr. Norm Shealy and Raw Corn Chips

What do Dr. Norm Shealy and Raw Corn Chips have in common? Absolutely nothing as far as I know. Except that I have something to say about both of them.

First Dr. Shealy. Last night I interviewed Norm as one of the guests in my Wisdom of Wellness Series. He shared his "Recipe for Everyday Health." I would like to offer it to you.
  1. Get out of bed in the morning and bless the day and yourself for the sleep you just had.
  2. Exercise – minimum of 30 minutes five days a week (can be at the end of the day but more effective at giving energy and maintaining weight if done at the beginning of the day)
  3. Eat a healthy breakfast (as well as all other meals) – healthy means "real" food. Food with more than one or two ingredients is no longer real. Wide variety of fruits, vegetables, dairy and fish.
  4. Go through the day expecting and programming things to be OK.
  5. Finish the day with a little rest. Take some time to do some deep breathing, meditation, etc.
  6. Go into sleep with mental programming of positive activities. Thank god and your soul for the benefits of the day.
  7. Get 8 hours of sleep.
I would like to briefly add a few comments in response to #3 - eat a healthy breakfast. Norm recommended dairy and lots of fish. I personally choose to eat very little, if any, dairy because my body prefers not to have it. Many people are lactose intolerant and may need to watch their dairy intake. As for fish - we all know that fish can be very high in mercury. Please pay attention to the type of fish you eat. You can go to: Here you will find recommendations for the healthiest sea food and you can download a free guide.

If you would like to hear the entire interview with Dr. Shealy go to:

Now for the raw corn chips. Eating raw has been a very interesting journey. However, it just got a lot easier with our most recent purchase, The Excalibur dehydrator (warning - if you really want to eat raw there is a rather large up front investment).

The other day I made corn chips. Everyone in my family eats corn chips and I love them so I knew I needed an alternative. With everything raw, it never tastes quite like what you know. Pizza, chips, ice cream - they can all be delicious but... different.

These chips took about 20 minutes to prepare (very easy) and then about 16 hours in the dehydrator. I actually got up at about 2am to check on them - insane, I know. The recipe came from The Complete Book of Raw Food. The ingredients are: corn, olive oil, flax seed, cilantro, salt, honey and chili peppers. I can't divulge any more info (copyright laws) but at least you have a sense of the recipe.

Here is a picture of the "dough" going into the dehydrator:

And the finished product:

Quite yummy and they really hit the spot when snacking was what I wanted.

(A note on dehydrators - although they run for a long time they use very little electricity. I don't know the wattage but it costs about 3-6 cents/hour. )


  1. These look fantastic - thanks for sharing! I'm always open to raw versions of old favourites. By the way is that a sheet of baking paper in your dehydrator instead of the teflex sheet?

  2. Yeah, they were great (stick to your teeth and the roof of your mouth a little but still great). My neighbor said they tasted just like the ones she would order at Pure Food & Wine in NYC (nice compliment). And they were so easy to make.

    I use parchment paper. It is much cheaper than the teflex and can be used over and over. Eventually I'll spring for the teflex but I'm working on keeping some purchases to a minimum.

    I checked out your blog. It looks beautiful. I'll take some more time tomorrow and read it.

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